Trekking, Adventure Tours Near Samarkand

Trekking in Aman Kutan Mountains

Trekking in Aman Kutan Mountians - Trip to Lion's Cave

Aman Kutan - one of the most picturesque corners of Uzbekistan. It is located in the western spur of the Zarafshan and other ranges in the basin. Amankutan, 40 km south-west of Samarkand.

Samarkand city Tour

Samarkand city tour offers you the best of Samarkand in one day. Tour includes visiting the most important Samarkand monuments with the professional guide.

Shahrisabz - birthplace of Amir Temur

Shahrisabz - one of the principal cities that played a major role in the Central Asia. It was one of the centers of Timurid's Empire and Timur's native town.

Yurt Camp in Aydarkul

An overnight stay in a desert yurt camp, camel riding and visit to the Lake Aydarkul.

Tour to Nuratau

This three days trip starting from Samarkand and ending in Bukhara gives you an opportunity to discover the country side of Uzbekistan

Homestay in Nuratau

This two days trip to Nuratau Mountains offers you a chance to experience rural homestay with the mountain farmer family in the remote village of Nuratau